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Age: 22
Gender: Male
Occupation: US Army

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24 Nov 03 :: birthday party!

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If you don't have anything nice to say, at least have the decency to be vague.

15 December 2003

14:23 CST :: Seishin

We Wish You a Merry Two Week Vacation

Exodus is coming up, will be home for two whole weeks and return to my "normal" life around January 2nd. What fun! Two whole weeks of..... fat. I can hardly wait.

I managed to get ahold of MegaMan Zero 2, GODDAMN THIS GAME IS HARD. But it's pretty cool. I managed to get ahold of a new form called the X Form, in which I'm basically X.. Zero turns blue, his Z-Saber only attacks with the third slash, but the Z Buster does more damage and is a bit faster, so pretty cool. Seems to be a lot of different forms that you can't get. Only like 13 missions and if you complete the mission without meeting a form requirement your futzed.

Ah well.

15 November 2003

10:31 CST :: Seishin

Updates are for the weak

Somebody asked my how often I update this thing.... This is how often.

18 October 2003

16:55 CST :: Seishin

She dreams in digital...

I was impressed with Matrix: Reloaded. (spoiler alert)
The fight scenes were terrific, epic, and "kick ass" for lack of a better word. The story progressed quite well except for the choppy feel of it. Since I've only seen it once through I can only say that the transition between one event and the next lacks a certain flow to it. Once minute they are in the matrix, the next they're landing at Zion. Did they get out? There was no dramatic "sigh", the movie didn't pause a brief second to take in a sharp breath and let it out.. it was like changing the channel on TV.. just CLICK and boom, your in another place and time that has nothing if little to do with the last place.

Some of the hinted sociology of the machines was very interesting. Like the thought of these sentient programs "fleeing" to the Matrix to live in secrecy or just out in the open with buttloads of power. Very cool, opens up possibilities for thousands of story twists.

Neo is my hero. ex-Agent Smith scares me, though. Overwriting a human being and then "posessing" his body? Creepy stuff, but completely possible if they can just "upload" entire skill programs into peoples heads.. can't it download, delete, rewrite, copy, paste too? Back to Neo though. His display of his "awakened" powers is awesome. I got a sense that he was uber-god, but still vulnerable. He didn't just look at shit and it exploded. Plus he had to fight multiple "Agents", or just multiple programs lets say, and he still murdered them with a little work. The "Superman" inuendos were the best.. Superman is like one of my favorite super heros. The animated series, and Smallville are my favorites. In fact right now we're having a Smallville marathon. Somebody bought the first season.

Neo's altered perception in the real world has my mind spinning with possibilities and I would probably be very ticked off if I had to wait five years before the third movie, but luckily I only have to wait about a month. I don't mind how it ended.. again it felt choppy but I'm not going to let that get in the way of a most excellent movie.

Rating: Two Very Enthusiastic Thumbs up, and a middle finger

16:30 CST :: Seishin

Wise man say,

Man who run behind car get exhausted
Man who run in front of car get tired

13 October 2003

11:13 CST :: Seishin

Twist, Pull Pin

Person beside me at the Rec Center is playing Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. He says out of nowhere "I'm glad I qualified with grenades, I'm really good at killing people with them." Well, no shit. Really? Imagine that, a grenade.. killing people.

They issued me a hand grenade; You should have seen the mess I made...

So I went to the main PX to buy me some groovy stuff, and only came out with a metal CD case for my stuff, a Tori Amos cd I didn't have (Strange Little Girls), and the Matrix Reloaded soundtrack. Super woohoo, now all I have to do is watch the freaking movie which comes out on DVD tomorrow. So while I made the three mile hike there today, it'll be there TOMORROW so I'm kinda upset but maybe somebody else will buy it and we'll watch it in the Dayroom.

I had set out to buy some speakers for my discman but we just rigged up a wallocker for sound. We ran the power through the back so all we have to do is open it up, plug our players into it and start jamming. We're thinking of getting a combination lock and putting it on there so nobody just runs off with it.. but you know we would all know the combination.

In other news, four day weekends sort of suck. All the wierd folks come out.. online. I'm all playing D2e because I have nothing to do, leveling my Druid, when I get messaged by some fat chick. She's all like "ur hott.. but i'm nott", so I look at her profile and get knocked out of my chair. So I'm like "cool, your fat". So we talk a little, and she asks right before I go if she can call me or if I can call her. Desperation, much. Then some bi/gaysexual dude messages me saying I'm cute. I thought it was nother chick, but I checked out "her" profile and it's some dude. So I had to run from that, ignore+close=go eat chow.

Anyway, talking to my Good Buddy Pete on ICQ. Talk now, blog later.

12 October 2003

06:21 CST :: Seishin

Gaming Glory

Because I have nothing better to talk about, why not games.

I've been leveling my characters like crazy and have completed a good 110 missions now, so I decided maybe I should advance the story a little. Doing that unlocked more of the "The Hero Gaol" missions. Which are very cool, I've aquired the second blade of the legendary Hero, and combined with my Double Sword ninja powers, I can wield both weapons in a deadly manner.

I ran into the Judgemaster, and kinda freed him from the politics of the Palace, so as my reward instead of "neutral" law making and more fair judgements, I get an EXTRA law making my problems even more joyous. Now I have to contend with three laws per engagement instead of two. Just my luck it's usually got something annoying like "Fight" which means I can't use my main character's most powerful attack.. the regular old One, Two. Luckily I have been stockpiling my Anti-Law cards.

Finally found somebody with Zelda. So we played Four Swords through the three levels and we will move onto the big castle after this. The adventure is stupidly short. For some of the cool new items and gameplay the game isn't very long. I'd like to see a new release, not nessisarily Four Swords but a game using the Four Swords engine would be nice. Some of the cool new features include a Magnetic Glove that you can use to fly across lava pits or pick up your friend and drag him through a wall in the same way you would have two magnets one on top of the table and the other on the bottom and magically it would move around on it's own. It switches polarity too so you can either drag or push (but not your friend).

Anyway, I am going to go do.. other stuff.
Note to Benis though, Drive On man, drive on.

05:58 CST :: Seishin

I earned my living laying souls to rest...

I heard a really cool variation of one of my favorite double time cadences.
Normally it goes:

When I get to Heaven
When I get to Hell
Devil's gonna look at me
Devil's gonna say
How'd you earn your living boy
How'd you earn your pay
And I replied with a little bit of anger
I earned my living as an Airborne Ranger

Blood, Guts, and Danger
Airborne Ranger

Okay so take the bold text and replace it with:
And I replied with a knife to his chest
I earned my living laying souls to rest

03 October 2003

19:24 CST :: Seishin

Frumpy Fridays

At the end of the duty day on Friday, your duty isn't over. In fact you could probably get stuck with a detail or two. Cleaning the Battalion, Oktoberfest duty, or a new one invented today, Garbage Guard. Seems the swings (sleep during day, school at night) can't keep their trash cans empty or the area policed up so a total of four soldiers had to be placed on 2hr shift details to guard... the trash cans. Yes they were complete with pistol belt, canteen and ruber ducky M16A2's. They had to stand at Port Arms the entire time, sucketh for them.

Yet, I still had time to play my gameboy. Was at sick call this morning providing valuable buddy assistance to a fellow soldier, who left me there for four hours before I realised I was waiting on nobody.

I played a great deal of FF:TAdvance, unlocked several jobs I had been aiming for. One of which was the Summoner, one of my favorite classes since forever. However, in this game they happen to SUCK. I swear, 80% of the time it misses, and the damage isn't worth the MP. The only thing a Summoner seems good for is Half MP, and I don't have the weapon that gives that yet. Oh, and the nifty cool feature of the summoned entity to remove your units from the battle field if they were going to.. I don't know, say, toss a blazing inferno at it. No if you don't back the fuck up, your gonna hit your own fool self with it. Same with the healing Aeons.. If you don't watch out, oops you just healed the enemy.

On a better note, I turned Marshe into a Ninja.. a rape class for one reason.. Double Sword. Yes wield two swords instead of one. Clobber your enemies with twice the ownage. Right now I'm using shitass ninja swords but once I master the 999AP skill, I'll be able to reclass him into his killer Fighter self and wield all those big damage weapons I've aquired.

My former Paladin turned Archer/Hunter is murdering quite nicely. I switched him back to the lesser Archer long enough to teach him the rest of the disabling skills, now I'm teaching him all the Hunter skills, next is Capture, which will let me kidnap some big scary monsters. This will work in conjunction to my White Mage turned Beastmaster. My Beastmaster now knows about 8 different Control skills, which lets him class into a Morpher and become shit that i've captured. Sounds pretty nifty to be able to transform into a big scary monster. Can you say ROARWR? No no, not RARAR, ROAR.. with me? WEHR... Say it all together ROARWR!

KngfuChckn, I choose you!
Aquired a Combusken, evolved it into the Kung-fu Chicken.
Some things are right with the world.

02 October 2003

09:38 CST :: Seishin

Another day, another haircut.

It's Thursday, a day filled with excitement as I stroll on down to the torture chamber known as Wayne's Barber Shop. Part of the Army Zen is that you have a sharp appearance and you can't do that looking all jacked up with your hair. If its longer than the thickness of a sheet of paper, YOU ARE WRONG. So for $7.50 you can have the malfunction corrected by enduring three minutes of extreem pain, and walk away with only a slightly bleeding melon.

Yesterday was payday so I went to the PX (Post Exchange) and bought the Coldplay album, A Rush of Blood to the Head. It wasn't quite what I was expecting but very good all the same. Very mellow and relaxing. No doubt you've heard a few of the tracks on a TV show like Smallville or something.

As I was writing this a fire alarm went off. Now this wouldn't be anything to write about normally since we have regular drills about once a month, except this time somebody set it off with their spray deodorant 'Axe'. This dude must have been smelling so bad he thought he had to use a whole can on himself when all he had to do was take a doggone shower.

In other news, my Aron egg has yet to hatch, but I caught an Abra. Still waiting for my Grovyle to evolve, but all will happen in time. Secondly my Archer has just gotten a job upgrade to a Sniper while I made my Paladin an Archer to unlock the assassin classes. Meanwhile the main character Marshe (Marche was an annoying name) can hit for 111 damage if he gives it to them from the rear. I'll let you ponder that one for awhile.

So, 66 missions later and 11 areas unlocked; It was a day... Like any other.

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